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6516RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] a big milestone

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  • Perrine Julie-ra5686
    Jun 1, 2004
      Let us know when we should start calling you guys Tropical Grandiva and Diva's Granddude!


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      Here here! Congratulations to both of you!

      I totally agree with Greg on all points. Our oldest is just a few weeks
      away from having her first child and our first grandchild and we are
      enjoying watching her transition to "parent." Raising kids is definitely
      the most frustrating and rewarding experience. Here's hoping you have
      many more great shared times and memories.

      >>> gmorrow@... 5/31/2004 9:33:33 AM >>>
      We spend a lot of time on this group celebrating each other's
      milestones. There's a milestone of a (slightly) different kind
      shared by a couple of the folks here that I think is worth
      mentioning. Happiest_Girl has graduated from High School. Here's
      my congratulations to both her and her mom (Mrs. Captain Picard).
      It is an amazing thing to watch one's child turn into an adult. Its
      even more amazing to watch one's parent turn into the parent of an
      adult. Those 18 or so years that seem like they took forever turn
      out to go by in a blink. Congratulations again to both of you!

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