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  • gbmorrow
    May 4, 2004
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      Hi kipkay2000:

      Since you just joined the group today, and since your first post was
      an advertisement for yourself (I trust you are the same seller who
      showed up when I did your suggested ebay search) I was just wondering
      if you joined this group only for the purpose of advertising here, or
      is it possible you are a geocacher living in, near, or interested in
      geocaching in or near Central Texas?

      I'm only guessing how others might feel, but for me, I think you'd
      get a little better reaction (and maybe even a possible response) if
      you were honest in your post and just let people know you're selling
      stuff on ebay they might be interested in. A good way to do that is
      to pre-pend "ADV" to your subject line. From earlier conversations
      here, I think its safe to say that some of the members despise all
      spam posted here, while some don't mind as long as it is relevant and
      honest. While the stuff you have for sell might be relevant, it
      certainly was not honest to pretend to give a personal review when it
      fact it was just ad for your ebay business....

      this is just guessing you'll even bother checking back here for

      just my 2 cents (cheap at half the price)
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