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54Cache description print outs

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  • chl0807
    Jul 1 9:00 AM
      Do you hate to print out tons of pages before you go out caching just
      to have all the necessary information for multiple caches?

      I am wondering if as part of normal caching activities you may be
      assembling more concise collections of information for particular
      groups of caches. I found myself doing just that this weekend for the
      three caches (by threelanes) in the Southeast Metro Park. I wanted to
      share this effort so that it may save some time for someone else.
      Please see the Files section of the group for a one page printout for
      these three caches. BTW, the trails in this park are closed right now
      (bummer) due to the weather (I assume).

      If any of you have done similar work or have some other geocaching
      related information you would like to share please add it to the
      files and/or photo section of the group. Thanks.

      Happy caching.