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5285Re: Kinda OT: are we too grown up for a mailing list?

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  • geo_texas_gal
    Apr 9, 2004
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      I've been having a BLAST exploring the new boards, and now I am
      firmly jumping in the camp that supports them.

      For the last few months, I've set my preferences on here to "NO
      Email", and have been reading all the posts online anyway, which is
      like a message board, but without all the functionality and

      Message boards are infinitely more organized and searchable, which is
      a big plus. Also, you can more easily ignore topics you're not
      interested in. We can also, with an OT category, have free reign to
      discuss anything and everything that we want to, as we seem wont to
      do at times.

      I think everyone should migrate over there and at least try it for a
      week, and see what you think.
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