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5251Re: Kinda OT: are we too grown up for a mailing list?

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  • Mike
    Apr 7, 2004
      Man, Candy, just because we let a Houstonian in doesn't mean we have
      to pack things up and shut it down!!! ;-) (JUST A JOKE... I just
      thought the timing was humorous! Welcome from a Houston ex-patriate,

      It's just my personal preference, but I'd prefer to keep the group
      as it is instead of moving over to TXGA. I've always had trouble
      keeping up with message boards like TXGA, even with the automatic
      notice of new posts, etc. I get too busy to check regularly, and I
      don't like the fact that I don't get a notice when a new thread is
      created. Plus, even though sometimes topics veer into areas I'm not
      interested in, I enjoy the constant stream of E-mails into my
      mailbox. When school keeps me too busy to cache, I still feel
      somewhat "attached" to the community by taking a break (which I need
      approximately ever 10 minutes or so!), checking my E-mail, and
      seeing what everyone is up to and discussing. I didn't meet any of
      you guys face to face until just a month or so ago (and still
      haven't met a lot of you!), yet I feel like I already knew and liked
      all of you guys after receiving daily E-mails for almost a year.

      I suppose I'd get close to the same effect if I just checked the
      forum every day, and you are certainly correct that the threads
      would be easier to follow, AND it would be easier for "outsiders" to
      find us... but its just that ONE EXTRA STEP it would take to follow
      the threads. (Because I would feel like its necessary to follow ALL
      the threads. Its my personality.) Is allowing that one extra step to
      defeat all the benefits due to simple laziness? Probably! But thats

      That's why if we do decide to move, I'll be happy to do so; the
      above is just my personal preference. One thing I hope DOESN'T
      happen though is to have two "competing" sites. That would be a
      mess. It would be great if we could just make a clean transition, if
      a transition is what we want to do.


      P.S. Plus, its fun when Yahoo eats all of your messages and then
      doesn't disgorge them until hours after you posted them. Weeee! ;-)

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Candy Lind"
      <candylind@e...> wrote:
      > I'm not trying to say this "place" is no good any more, but is
      anyone else feeling the tiniest bit overwhelmed by the number of
      emails you are getting from here on a daily basis? I thought about
      changing to "digest" mode, but you don't get pictures or graphics
      that are included when you do that, or when you go to read posts on
      Yahoo. It's not really very easy to follow a thread and skip the
      stuff you are not interested in, either, because people forget to
      change the subject line when a discussion goes off on a tangent.
      > I'm kinda thinking that we've "grown up" and we're too big to use
      a simple mailing list any more. A "forum" would be much easier to
      negotiate and navigate, and to weed out what you want to read and
      what you don't. To that end, I would like to suggest a transition to
      the Central Texas Forum on TXGA. I plan to begin posting questions
      and/or comments both places, and I hope that others will give the
      TXGA forum a looksee, as well.
      > I would be happy to hear other opinions, and I'm not saying we
      should do away with the Centex list, but I think we're big enough to
      put a forum and all its features to very good use.
      > Just as an example, it's easier for people to find us on the state-
      wide site than it is on Yahoo. Charizard from the Panhandle is
      coming here this weekend, and would like suggestions for kid-
      friendly caches. She'll be staying in the Elgin area. She posted on
      the TXGA site. READ HERE. Please help me give her some good
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