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  • Perrine Julie-ra5686
    Apr 1, 2004
      Hey WCB,
      Let me tell you, it's really different caching in a city where you've got HUNDREDS of caches to choose from and NONE that you've already found. In four days, we were able to tell that ParkerPlus is one of our favorite hiders, and we even considered a dedicated ParkerPlus weekend next time. There were other memorable hides, some memorable DNF's, and some we're trying hard to FORGET! We all agreed that Skim Milk was the best cache we did.

      We made a big push for numbers on Sunday and ended up with 41 at 8pm when we had a little emergency and had to call it off. At that point, though, we were feeling good and excited about trying to reach 50. My previous record was 34, so 41 is pretty good. Caching for numbers is almost a whole different sport. It's all about teamwork, planning and navigation. We passed by multi's (not all multi's though!) and we skipped everything that had a DNF posted as the last log. No 5/5's, no trading, and no long hikes. It's certainly not how I want to cache every day, but it's a rush every once in a while.

      Thanks to everyone in Houston who hid something for us!
      Mrs. Captain Picard

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      I hope you guys enjoyed caching Houston, and come back next year for
      your third anniversary! If you do, give us a post at
      and we'll chime in with our opinions of what's good to go and what to
      avoid of the then current batch of caches.
      Oh, yes, we are Mosquito Central, but this weekend was nothing for
      mosquitos, a zillion billion of them haven't even been born yet. We
      bathe in deet!

      Candy, I got your message about where I was messing up posting a
      link, <> vs [], thanks for the info. Wish there was a universal
      standard...they just do this to confuse me......

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      > Saturday was a good day ... I think the total was 24. Sunday,
      > our "all-out" day, was A GREAT DAY!!! We SHATTERED our previous one-
      > day record ... netting FORTY-ONE!!! We were going for 50, and might
      > have made it, but for ... no, I'll WAIT. Mrs. Capt. Picard, TreyB,
      > The Outlaw, and Moosiegirl will have to decide TOGETHER whether to
      > tell the story at the CITO event. You'll just have to show up, to
      > find out if we do!
      > Slept in this morning ... it's already 9:00! We are OUTTA HERE for
      > another day of caching in MOSQUITO CENTRAL.
      > Happy Trails!
      > Candy

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