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477the Austin Geo-Hot Potato Update!

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  • Scott & Charlotte
    May 1, 2003


      Wow!  I never imagined that there would be this much interest in moving the hot potato back and forth.  After a little less than six weeks Mr. Hot Potato Head has been in and out of caches 20 times and there have been 50 logs and notes on the travel bug page!  Team Yuppie (north Austin) finally got on the ball and currently has almost 10 points, while Team Bubba (south Austin) has just over 30 points.  The game is over when a team gets more than 46 points (or half of the 92 days on the spring season).  Winners get bragging rights at the next event cache.


      By the way, KGSR is going to be airing some information about the Austin Geo-Hot Potato and geocaching in general all next week during their morning show between 7 and 8 AM.  


      It’s not too late to get involved, just keep an eye out for the Mr. Hot Potato Head to be in a cache near you!


      The Austin Geo-Hot Potato: http://www.robuck.net/hotpotato/

      The current scores: http://www.robuck.net/hotpotato/status.htm

      Mr. Hot Potato Head: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=19289

      Scott Robuck
      Team GeoDillo
      N 30° 12.4'
      W 97° 50.4'