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46Re: Geogodparents?

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  • candy8966
    May 4, 2002
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      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@y..., "eoghan01" <eoghan@s...> wrote:
      > One quick question to ask....
      > I've already archived my local caches but if at all possible, I'd
      > prefer to unarchive them and leave them in place... The caches are:
      > id=12253 PP01 One Year
      > ID=1786 Barton Creek Waterfalls
      > ID=3712 Koi Cache
      > ID=3848 Change Exchange Cash Cache
      > ID=8177 Once upon a cache...
      > Pumpkin Princess will probably also need someone to look after:
      > ID=1635 Lost Pines Challenge (in Bastrop SP)
      > ID=12314 The Captain's Treasure
      > ID=1317 Demise of a Dot Com

      I would certainly be willing to help but couldn't do them all. If
      some of you others would like to help, let me know, and maybe I can
      keep a list of who would like to do which cache(s) so we get them all
      covered. I'm sure I could handle 8177 and 1317, and Wayne (ydx3075)
      might want to do a couple. Anyone else? Let me know.(and PP and E, of
      Candy ... Moosiegirl
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