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4561Re: Rolling Blackout - MIA?

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  • Scout
    Mar 2, 2004
      "geo_texas_gal" wrote:
      > Crap! That means GeoPoker has gone missing, too.
      > I'll see if I can get our game jumpstarted again...

      What it takes is for someone to print out another GeoPoker log, then
      fill in the latest secret code on the appropriate line. You'll
      either need the last person to log it to do this, or have that
      person tell whoever restores the log what the secret code is. Of
      course, you'll need another container for it as well. Then hide the
      new container at the last reported coordinates.

      If any of that doesn't work for some reason, let me know. I can
      always edit the last log as needed to get the game going again.

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