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454This just in....

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  • Scott & Charlotte
    Apr 14, 2003
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      This just in....


      North Austin geocachers have a difficult time getting it together when it comes to moving the Mr. Hot Potato Head travel bug out of their territory! 


      The game is not over yet.  There is still plenty of time (at least two weeks) for Team Yuppie (the north team) to gain some ground on Team Bubba and fight off their current “first loser” status.  If you’re an Austin geocacher, become a game member by simply moving the Mr. Hot Potato Travel Bug!


      Game Info         http://www.robuck.net/hotpotato/index.htm

      Game Scores    http://www.robuck.net/hotpotato/status.htm

      Mr. Hot Potato Head      http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=19289


      Don’t delay...do it today!


      Now back to your regularly scheduled email.

      Scott of Team GeoDillo
      N 30° 12.4'
      W 97° 50.4'