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42487Geocaching 101 in Round Rock

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  • chemist_kahuna
    Aug 10, 2014

      Hi Fellow CenTexers!

      I have agreed to give an introduction to Geocaching for the Round Rock Recreation department.  Well, the one in September is the same time as the Texas Roundup, where I also need to be as the CenTex representative of the Texas Geocaching Association.  

      Here is the information:


      A popular outdoor adventure that gets everyone involved, Geocaching uses a GPS unit to go on a treasure hunt of sorts.  This workshop will focus on how a geocache works, where to find resources for the sport and you’ll have an opportunity to join the fun!  This event is free but pre-registration is strongly encouraged for supply preparation.


      Date:              Day:               Times:           Location:                               Code:             Fee:

      9/13                Sat.                 3-5pm             CMRC Mtg. Room                *24957           FREE

      4/25                Sat.                 9-11am           Virgil Rabb Pavilion            *24956           FREE


      Thanks so much!!!


      Kelly Gaydos, CPSM

      City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation

      Recreation Program Coordinator-Athletics


      I can give you the contact information and even help set up the course and what it would involve.  Let me know if you are interested in running this course.  


      Rick Blevins

      Chemist Kahuna

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