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42479Re: Droid vs. IPhone

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  • bushman_family
    Jul 29, 2014
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      I have an iPhone and it is the only thing I use while geocaching.  The geocaching.com app is accurate within 10-15 feet usually.  It's not free but worth it.  I have a GPS I used to use but stopped because of the hassle of having to download caches to it and then then logging them on geocaching.com.  It's just easier doing it all at once.  I don't have to remember later.  And I can quickly go back and forth between my account and my daughter's.   I have to plan ahead and make sure to save caches offline if I think I'll be in a place with little or no cell service but I'm a planner so that works for me.  The apps I have that are free are, GCTools, Munzee, BoxFinder and Compass.  GCTools is to help solve puzzle caches.  You know what Munzee is.  BoxFinder is for letterbox caches.  Compass helps me get closer to a cache if I need it and gives me the coordinates when I want to hide a cache.   (Although I've only hidden a couple under my daughter's name so far).  I was using geobucket which is a free geocaching app but you have to download caches to it so I stopped.  It seems like a cool app though.  And then of course you gotta have the free PodCacher app.  
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