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42420Geocaching Mystery Novel

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  • Russ Jernigan
    Jul 3, 2014

      I just finished a mystery novel set around geocaching. Now, I've read two others and have been rather 'Meh' about them. This one was very good, enough so that I looked forward to being able to pick it up again in my spare time. Plus, it has some excellent puzzle caches (not real ones, I don't think!) in it that you puzzle types can solve. The title is CACHED OUT by Russell Atkinson. The protagonist is a retired FBI agent who geocaches and starts finding bodies. Russell Atkinson is a retired FBI agent who geocaches, apparently without the bodies. Plus it is set in the San Jose area and the Coastal Ranges of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties, where I lived for awhile.

      Russ the Waterweasel
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