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4238New Moving Cache: "It Rolls Downhill" N00D4F

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  • Mark Gessner
    Feb 2, 2004
      New Moving Cache: "It Rolls Downhill" N00D4F

      The cache is a micro containing about enough space to store a small log
      scroll and no pen, so if you come a hunting, bring your own pen.

      *The Rules*

      -Keep the cache within a circular area of 35 miles radius centered on
      the state house in Austin.
      -When you find the cache, open it, sign the logbook, then move it and
      re-hide it somewhere else.
      -Always place the cache at a LOWER ELEVATION than the place
      where you retrieved it.
      -If it is already within 50 feet of the lowest elevation in
      it may be moved to a higher elevation. Try to place it as high
      as possible during this move.
      -Subsequent moves must then continue to move it lower (downhill).
      -Highest elevation in Austin is over 1000 feet.
      -Lowest elevation in Austin is just over 400 feet.
      -Use your GPS or a Topo map to determine the elevation.
      -You must post the new elevation in your online log.

      -Post the coordinates AND THE ELEVATION on this page when you have
      moved it so that others can find it.
      -Don't take longer than 24 hours to post new coords.
      -Feel free to post images of the placement but don't post any images of
      the actual cache
      container (use a hat, hand, or digital editing to block out the
      image of the container).
      -Don't tell or even hint at what the actual cache container is. Let
      every new finder have a treat!
      -Don't place the container in any prohibited areas (National Parks,
      wilderness preserves, etc.)
      -Don't modify the container in any way without consulting me first.
      -You can find the cache as many times as you want!


      aka "lowracer"