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42206Re: [CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS] Re: Strange logging activity?

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  • Brent Kitchens
    Feb 7, 2014
      Actually it's pretty easy.  He just used excel and created a bunch of TB numbers and either put them in GSAK or logthemmall to discover them all.  I get hits all the time.  Pretty crazy to see it done.  I was real big into discovering for a while and got a bunch nearly 1500 at the block party and APE event two years ago, but the difference is I saw all those.  This guy never has.  It is just how you play the game. 


      Brent Kitchens


      On Friday, February 7, 2014 5:59 AM, Toni <tfbrown@...> wrote:
      I just find it strange that someone who has been geocaching since 2009 seems to be more interested in logging tb's.

      --- In CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS@yahoogroups.com, <subhumank3@...> wrote:
      > Soooo.... I wake up and see I have two emails from geocaching this morning. Apparently, someone logged that they discovered two of my three travel bugs. One hasn't been in circulation in two years because I got it back from its goal, and the other one hasn't been seen since August (casualty of the game, I suppose). The guy (derPathe) has exactly 2000 caches and over 7800 bugs logged. But the person has been a member since 2009.
      > You can look up my bug info under my handle of mongoosehide.
      > Any ideas how derPathe was able to do it? It be legitimate but VERY late logs, but if not, I'm more curious how it was done than busting someone for stat padding (like there's consequences).
      > -Will "mongoosehide"

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