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42204Re: [CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS] a travel bugs life

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  • Dave Marquardt
    Feb 4, 2014
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      IIRC I found a traveler where the cacher had sent out both tags.   Very confusing!

      On Feb 3, 2014 10:13 PM, "Jay Bingham" <binghamjc@...> wrote:

      Hi all,

      I wanted to share a story about a recent caching adventure that you may find instructive or at least entertaining.

      On 25 Jan 2014 after dropping off my wife at the airport I decided to grab a couple of caches in the area before heading home to Georgetown since it was fairly nice weather after the nasty ice storm earlier in the week. The first cache that I found was This Is Where It All Started (GC363ZD) and the second was Davidson-Littlepage Cemetery (GC4CN7T). I found three travelers, two Travel Bugs and one Cache Buddy, at This Is Where It All Started. I decided to take one of them, after looking up the goals for each I chose the Whiskers the Cat Cache Buddy named Vickis Kätzchen since it was small and should be easy to find a place to drop it off. I had intended to do that rather quickly but things such as the weather (including another ice storm on Tuesday) got in the way. I was not able to get out again until Thursday, 30 Jan. I had also intended to catch up on logging several caches that I had found before finding these but kept putting it off. So late on Thursday afternoon I found Collide Love Letter Week #1 (GC4BMT2) in Georgetown and dropped Vickis Kätzchen off in it. Saturday I decided that I had put off logging the caches long enough and gathered up the info that I needed. When I got the earlier caches logged and opened the page for This Is Where It All Started Vickis Kätzchen was not in its inventory and I thought that surely someone had picked it up from Collide Love Letter Week #1. So I entered its tracking code and opened its page. What I found was a bit of a surprise, you could say things started to get interesting. Some one in Australia had grabbed it on 26 Jan saying they had found it in a cache at Fishers Creek outside of Boorowa NSW Australia and had logged it into several caches in Australia since then. It was then that I noticed the note from the owner asking the next finders to please hold on to the travelers and contact the owner, which I did. On Sunday morning, early, I went by Collide Love Letter Week #1 and retrieved Vickis Kätzchen.

      So here is the condensed version of the story of Vickis Kätzchen before I became involved with it. This traveler, named for the niece of the owner Hue-Mis, was released into the wild on 21 Dec2011 at Drover-Berg-Tunnel in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. It traveled through Germany and came to the US where is spent some time in the Austin area before returning to Germany then it came back to the US and was placed into Swap a Path Tag (GC1DJ91) located Houston’s large Memorial Park on 16 Apr 2012. The area around the cache was apparently undergoing some maintenance which cause the CO to mark the cache inactive immediately after Vickis Kätzchen went into it (it remained inactive for nearly a year). On 27 Apr 2014 Hue-Mis, the owner of Vickis Kätzchen thought it had been lost due to the cache going inactive, on 12 Nov 2012 they marked it missing. Then to please Vicki, the niece for whom the traveler was named, the owner created a dopple ganger and set it loose again on 16 Feb 2013 in Germany. The dopple ganger made its way to Australia and was blissfully touring around the land down under when on 20 Jan 2014 a cacher named frydaddy63 entered a grabbed it log with a note saying he had found the traveler in Texas Music Jukebox Cache (GC2255), which coincidentally is located just 0.27 miles E (111°) of the cache Swap a Path Tag in the same Houston park where it was dropped on 16 Apr 2012. (The inventory history of Texas Music Jukebox Cache does not record that it was ever logged in there). frydaddy63 brought it to the Austin area and on 23 Jan 2014 placed in This Is Where It All Started (GC363ZD) near the Airport, where I found it on 25 Jan 2014.

      Here is what I think I learned from this.

      Creating a substitute for a missing traveler is a risky business.

      In this case the CO of the cache where it was last seen should have been contacted to verify that it was not in the cache. The CO appeared, based on the cache logs, to have removed the cache while the construction/maintenance was going on at GZ.

      Caching can be fun when you can help someone out with a problem.


      --| Jay /\ Bing-GTX
      |+| Georgetown, TX USA
      |-- “What you see depends mainly on what you are looking for.”


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