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42198Re: [CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS] Texas Challenge vendors

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  • gumbietygress@juno.com
    Jan 28, 2014
      Well, I can see the "why them but not them" issue rearing its ugly head, especially after the poaching incident. It's easier to just say no to everyone, rather than being accused of playing favorites. [Kindof like defending copyright.]
      And it could be the munzee stickers (and possibly other games -- because people, especially those who don't play, tend to lump things) are causing grief for groundspeak in ways we don't know. [There may be something in the forums, but I don't follow the forums.]  Even with geocaching, we see where user enthusiasm sometimes forgets good sense and respect for property, despite reviewer oversight. Or where a brouhaha gets whipped up in such a way that Groundspeak is having to deal with State Attorney Generals...
      Or it could be Groundspeak just doesn't want to share the court.
      All sorts of scenarios, some understandable, some not.
      -B =no conviction without the larger story= Tygress

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      From: Denise Vajdak <denise.vajdak@...>
      To: CTG Yahoo Group <CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: Re: [CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS] Texas Challenge vendors
      Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 12:21:02 -0600

      Awww. :(  I enjoyed having the Munzee folks at the 2012 Texas Challenge and I seriously doubt they put any dent in Groundspeak's traffic at all.  I LOVED the big Lego Munzee.  I hate that Groundspeak refuses to play nice with other geo-location games. It makes it so restrictive on what you can and can't say.
      Just to be clear about opencaching... there were cache listings added to Garmin's opencaching.COM site without CO's permissions (happened to one of my friends from here).  I do not get on the .COM site because I do not agree with the policy of the scraped listings and them taking the "OpenCaching" name without being part of the OC network. I also cannot confirm if they are still that way, but they used to not have reviewers. Caches were published immediately without review so it's up to the caching community to monitor them.
      That is not the case on OpenCaching.US (OpenCaching North America).  All listings there are submitted by the owners and checked by OCNA reviewers before being approved. The CO then has ability to choose WHEN that listing will be published (publish now...or maybe during that next event or at 5:00 pm when everyone is getting off work...). OCNA embraces other games.  They have virtuals, web cams and more that you can't list elsewhere anymore. They even had an attribute for Munzees, so feel free to mention them in any listing. They are working on adding an attribute for the Sighter Game as well. So, yes, games can be played concurrently.
      I like to play them all. :)

      Denise E. Vajdak  ><>  (aka NativTxn)
      http://tx.ag/denise     http://google.com/+DeniseVajdak
      In God We Trust 

      On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 10:12 AM, gumbietygress@... <gumbietygress@...> wrote:


      waymarking is supported by GroundSpeak -- it's where Virtual Caches went, without all the prove-of-visit spot-quizzes.
      You can go back and forth between cache/waymark pages. It's a handy tool for me in terms of labeling photos, and sometimes there's actually good info.
      Waymarking is not, of course, for everyone.
      Benchmarks are also not-in-competition... so a booth by the USGS/Geodetic Survey would be interesting, actually....
      Muzee, opencaching, etc., however ARE in direct competition, for some value.
      Some play well concurrently; some not so much. [There was a spate of people playing one game crossposting from geocaching.com, without the gc COs' permissions. I don't know what the status is now.]
      Well, the lightbulb, as you say, is on... details come into finer view.
      BarbJ =yeah, I log waymarks in verse, too= Tygress

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      Subject: Re: [CENTRALTEXASGEOCACHERS] Texas Challenge vendors
      Date: 28 Jan 2014 06:29:45 -0800


      Thank you... I am beginning to understand now what GS considers competition... munzee, opencaching, geodashing, waymarking, geocheckpointing and such gps gaming websites, are what is not allowed. Again thank you for a prompt response to inquiries about this venue of policies for game playing. Segregation is the best route, to each they’re own, never meant to be played at the same time, in the end understanding clicks on the lightbulb.


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