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42018RE: Re: TB Reappears

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  • semperquestio
    Sep 22, 2013
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      I had another that was a USMC challenge coin that I had sent out to go to a very special place in France for Marines.  It made it to the French/German border area and then disappeared when the cache it was in disappeared.  Over 2 years later someone was in the area of that cache looking for remains of the ache and scouting for a new cache site and they found my TB/Coin in the brush!  They put it back in ciruclation and it made it to it's goal and has been bouncing around NW Europe ever since.  I'm just waiting for it to hop the pond and make its way back home now.  But that has taken a few years so far so I am not holding my breath.

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      My Suncatcher coin resurfaced last month after four years of silence. Warm and fuzzy feelings towards the one who finally logged it again after an event. 
      One of my tags hasn't come up for two years now after travelling 108K+ miles. Maybe it took a vacation...

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