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42Another Newbee!

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  • rick48cj2a
    May 1, 2002
      My family and I, known as the StiversClan, have made out first find in
      Live Oak Park and we loved it. We plan in the near future to set up a
      few cache sites of our own in the Schertz area. I was searching
      around and came across this Cache In/Trash Out info and thought it was
      a great idea for this area.

      It seems that you navigate in to the cache site, drop off some new
      trash bags and take out some old ones and then pick up trash on your
      way out.

      My twist would be to set up the normal toy cache and then make sure to
      keep it also stocked with carefully folded grocery bags that cachers
      could use on their way back out of the parks to help keep things

      What do you think?
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