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  • Jay Bingham
    Sep 4, 2013

      Great story indeed, but this is not a new phenomenon, even though it may be more frequent now with the whole world on terrorist alert. Back In March of 1977, ages ago I know so it is not even Geocaching related, I was returning to the US after spending a month in the Netherlands on a work assignment. I was pulled in for an interview by customs, not sure what triggered it other than I was one of the first through customs and was a twenty something guy sporting a mustache. The agent that interviewed me was totally cool, he did not even hassle me about the big ball of Edam or was it Gouda , I can’t remember, I had bought in Amsterdam . However, the agent in the next room, whom I could overhear, interviewing that poor soul, was a total jerk. Making accusations rather than asking questions and generally being very unpleasant and obnoxious; just what every tired traveler looks forward to after an 8 hour overnight flight from Amsterdam to Chicago , not. Although I was not happy to have been pulled in for an interview I was at least relieved that I had not come through either a little sooner or a little later and got that guy. I probably would have had to donate my cheese to the customs service.


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       There's a Facebook group for you!  ISAG - I Suck At Geocaching!  Some of us here are members of that group.  We proudly log our DNF's, and sometimes they have better logs than our finds.

      One of my favorite caching stories of all time is related in my DNF log here:


      'Welcome to Minnesota ' indeed

      -Keith (aka King of the DNFs)

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