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41931Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] RE: DNF's

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  • Paul Albers
    Sep 4, 2013
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      Great story. We had a similar experience going into Edmonton last year. I walked right through,
      went and found some caches and then I went to pick up Ryan at the airport to start our hiking
      across Alberta geocaching trip. He was detained for three hours. We were going to rough it
      in the woods. They didn't like that at all. It went down hill for him quickly after that. What finally
      got him through was a lengthy conversation we had back and forth via texts that day and
      prior week. If not for that, they were not going to allow him into Canada.

      The agent said, "On a good day I can keep 6 out of 10 from entering". His goal is to not allow
      people into their country. I was floored. We actually wrote a letter of complaint to their government
      and got a response which was 100% in support of this. Great stories, but be prepared for delays.
      I was lucky and the agent I talked with knew about geocaching and as the planner, I had printouts
      of every stop and location along the way. Helps to have more than you think you need on you,
      itinerary, photos like Keith had, cell phone conversations, email, etc...


      indigo.parrish@... wrote:

      One of my favorite caching stories of all time is related in my DNF log here:


      'Welcome to Minnesota' indeed

      -Keith (aka King of the DNFs)

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