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  • cachestacker
    Aug 22, 2013
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      Re: the space themed caches - be sure to check the Related Web Page link (upper left of cache page). Nearly all of the caches have a related web page link. The links vary in the amount of help you'll get, ranging from everything you'll need to most of what you'll need. But it's free help.

      And if you're still stuck, e-mail either of the two COs on the series. They can give you ideas, hints, nudges, or blatent shoves to assist.

      re: the CLAPS Kayak Series - Thanks, Keith. It really is a beautiful place to go and will take caching to another level for you if you've never done anything like this. The new series is really well done with a lot of variety on types of caches, containers, and even and new places to go if you have done the old series.

      You can find a very useful info Resource Guide in Post #13 here on HGCS: http://hgcs.org/index.php/topic/7762-claps-faqs-and-status/

      There is a kayak rental place nearby. Not to sway anyone from coming out sooner, but we will be having a fall daytime paddle event and a December night paddle event, which will be spectacular. It's a different place in the dark... even with a nearly full moon.

      E-mail me if you want any info or help in planning for the CLAPS caches.

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      > > Hey everyone! Greyhat and I recently spent some time in Clear Lake. Upon planning our trip, we of course checked the geocaching map in hopes of finding some memorable caches to grab during our trip. We immediately noticed a geoart mystery series placed over NASA that's in the shape of a space shuttle. We stayed right across the street from NASA so we immediately started working on solving all 32 puzzles. Most were fairly easy, a few took quite a bit of investigation, but all were really fun to work through and quite educational! Little Charlotte is now obsessed with all things space ;) Just thought I'd point it out in case you're ever in that neck of the woods! We highly recommend it.
      > >
      > Speaking of Clear Lake, I strongly recommend renting a kayak and finding all the Terrain 5 kayak caches in Armand Bayou just to the east of that Space Shuttle series. Armand Bayou is my absolute favorite place to kayak in Texas, hands down, and you'll be amazed at how beautiful, remote and wild it feels. Tons of wildlife to see, zillions of well-maintained Terrain 5 caches to find, and if you are lucky you will see alligators!
      > -Keith (Indigo Parrish)
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