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  • Greg Jewett
    Aug 21, 2013
      Paul -- I would love to have you write your stories and post them to the website.   What a treaure that would be - to have stories from the epic geocacher Hi_Dude98! :)

      Let me know if you are interested! :)

      Greg Jewett
      Geocacher Handle:  GeoJewett
      (512) 627-7290
      geojewett (at) geocachingaustin.com
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      On Aug 21, 2013, at 12:49 pm, Paul Albers <palbers@...> wrote:


      Hehe, this one made me smile!

      Love the story about the guy flying back from New York sitting next to Chris asking about
      TBI. I do miss our caching adventures. I hope they start back up on day!

      Thanks for all the wonderful words. I'm blessed to have my week each year that I can go
      totally insane with caching.

      This last trip we cached 20+ hours each day, in 120+ degree heat. We ate one meal each
      day and then we only stopped for fuel. The two of us went through 150 bottles of water
      and 160 bottles of gatorade over those 8 days. Two of the days we still ended up getting
      dehydrated. The soles of the shoes of Tombmaker! actually melted through to the cloth
      lining. We both lost around 15 pounds. We call it the road trip diet. It took me over a month
      to plot every cache, the precise order, when to stop for fuel, drinks, etc... I had two hotels
      planned and then it was, "if we got lucky, we found a hotel", but often times we just slept in
      the jeep. We jogged or ran when we could to each cache.

      This year, we were trying to outrun a massive lightening storm in the dark. Eventually a massive
      fire was started just behind us from it that is still burning towns have been evacuated from. Guessing
      many of those caches we found may not survive the fire. We got great video of the fire until we
      were 'politely' escorted from the area. The week before we were in the Mojave desert, they had
      .79 inches of water. Doesn't sound like much, but in the desert, that is huge. They hadn't seen that
      much in decades. Well, that meant that many of the routes I had planned were washed out. We
      ended up having dig paths in many spots to created paths through the trenches the water created.
      It was intense! It was FUN!

      That just scratches the surface of an epic journey, and I'm not lying or exaggerating. Sometimes
      it takes unbelievable feats to reach what appears to be exaggerated numbers.

      I hope to tell more stories of our adventures when I see you at an event.

      We found 4450 caches during the 9 days. We cached in NV and ID. We got flat tires on both 4x4s
      that we had, out in the middle of the deserts. Only thing that almost stopped us was when I had
      a long barb of the desert yucca plant drive through my forearm. It was an ugly scene, but we are
      both EMT trained and had a full first kit. It was put to good use and we pushed on. :)

      Sorry, I ramble. It was epic!

      Thanks again everyone!


      Cacherats! wrote:


      I tell people and they literally think I'm lying or over exaggerating. They just can believe it!


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