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41748Re: Quick note about the Texas 50 State Star series

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  • danny_c_champion
    Aug 10, 2013
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      Since I am ready to head up to the 50 Stars, I thought I would chime in on the discussion.

      I have been stopped several times over the years and asked what I was doing. It was never a problem until I moved to central Texas. I was even stopped by the border patrol in southern New Mexico - about a mile from Mexico (imagine four guys with backpack tromping through the desert for no apparent reason). A smile, a pleasant attitude, and an explanation was all that was ever needed to defuse a tense situation.

      Shortly after I moved here, I was in the Elgin area and had a run-in with a lady who claimed I was trespassing. I tried the smile/nice attitude/good manners/explain about geocaching routine and she would have none of it. I provided her with my name, car tag, kept my hands where she could see them and obeyed everything she asked of me. Before it was over, she called the police and she followed me most of the way home.

      As a non-Texan, I assume that everyone who stops me on a rural road is carrying a weapon, so I felt it was to everyone's benefit for me to just leave. Still, I doubt that I will be geocaching in the Elgin area anytime soon.

      Danny (Racer57)

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Rachele DiTullio <strontium87@...> wrote:
      > I just wanted to relate to the group an experience Mh171 and I had
      > yesterday while doing the Texas 50 State Star series. At about the halfway
      > point, a pick-up truck with an angry muggle pulled up behind us and started
      > questioning Mh171 about what we were doing and let us know that they didn't
      > like all the increased traffic in the area on "their" roads from this
      > geocaching thing. He let us know they were watching and threatened to call
      > the sheriff (go ahead?). He took down name, phone number and license plate.
      > We're pretty sure these folks muggled four caches along this stretch of
      > road.
      > Any way, just FYI. He said people were trespassing and cutting across
      > property. I doubt this but in case anyone doesn't understand that the
      > caches are NOT at the posted coordinates, they aren't. Solve the puzzles
      > and find the caches all along roadways in public easements.
      > </psa>
      > -Rachele/strontium87
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