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  • GrnBeret2B
    Aug 7 1:03 PM
      Toni, announcing open game for anyone to replace any of your caches opens a bag of worms that I know a number of cache hiders in the Austin area don't want to see opened.  YOU, specifically, may not care if people replace YOUR caches if they are missing, but there are cache hiders who have caches with 3 and 4 star difficulty ratings and the caches have those ratings for a reason.  You and I both know that newer cachers don't check the difficulty ratings.  Since we have new cachers not checking difficulty ratings, and a cache owner who has announced open game on their caches to be replaced, we all of a sudden have a bunch of new cachers that could get confused and think it's OK for any cache to be replaced (not saying this is your intention, but I have seen this in the past).  All of a sudden cleverly difficult and evil hides become simple hides.  

      As an example, ACCLanMan and I own a cache that gives cachers difficulty because we like to make people think about the hides.  At one point, we noticed that the number of DNFs from new cachers went down, and finds went way up, we got a bit curious and, at about that time, an experienced cacher posted a log saying that they had found the log in a bag and put it in a plastic tube.  We knew immediately what happened, went out there and removed the "replacement cache" that had been placed under the nearby lampskirt.  Since that day in May, there was 1 find, followed by a string of 5 DNFs (spread through the next 2 months) after which we went back and checked, and the nano was exactly where we left it.  Point is, if cachers had gotten used to replacing other caches willy nilly, we'd be making regular trips to that one cache to keep pulling throwdowns out from underneath the lampskirt, and that's not something I think anyone here would want to do! 

      You're posting a list of caches here that people shouldn't go for while trying to keep their streak alive because the caches are missing, but, from what I understand, not disabling them on GC.com.  What about cachers that haven't made it to this group who make the trip to find one of the caches you've listed here?  A lot of new cachers aren't reading cache pages or recent logs, I've heard a lot of discussions about that at events lately, so they aren't going to know.  It's, honestly, a discourtesy to the general caching community for a cache owner to know that a cache is missing and not disable the listing until you get a chance to replace it.

      You say that you want to open the spots up for others, why not archive the caches now, let other people in the area hide new ones, and you may have a few pop up closer to you than others you'd picked for your cache a day, making it even easier for you to maintain your streak!  

      In fact, I think that's what Bigguy is up to, I'm getting a LOT of archival notifications from her caches 

      Grn Beret 2B

      On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 11:27 AM, Toni <tfbrown@...> wrote:

      I will be archiving my caches once the cache a day in August is over. I was maintaining them, but with the disappearance of south Austin caches happening at 3-4 a week it's just not feasible anymore. I would rather open up the spots for others. I'm trying to be helpful here, but I should have known better than to do that in this forum. Bye

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Jay Bingham <binghamjc@...> wrote:
      > I have to agree with Matthew, asking/allowing just anyone to replace a cache
      > just because they could not find it is a recipe for disaster. Often the
      > result is that you end up with two containers within a few feet of each
      > other. Personally I would include caches that are rated at 1.5 difficulty in
      > the group that should not be just willy-nilly replaced, I have found many
      > that were rated this easy that were more difficult to find than some that
      > were rated more difficult. One alternative to allowing just anyone to
      > replace a cache is to allow people to call you when they are searching for
      > your cache and cannot find it. You could then describe to them exactly where
      > it was hidden and if they then could not find it, it might be acceptable to
      > allow them to replace it for you. Otherwise if you are not able to maintain
      > the caches that you have placed it is best to archive them and let someone
      > else have a go at the location.
      > --| Jay /\ Bing-GTX
      > |+| Georgetown, TX USA
      > |-- "What you see depends mainly on what you are looking for."
      > _____
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      > Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2013 9:42 AM
      > To: CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Replace Caches
      > If a cache is rated 2 difficulty or higher, usually the hide could be well
      > cammoed or hidden better than in plain sight. What if somebody replaces your
      > hide in a different place you had originally hid the cache? What if they
      > can't find it and now they replace with a new container and both containers
      > are there now? It's usually best if the owner replaces the hide or a
      > previous finder who knows the exact location.
      > Matthew
      > --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com
      > <mailto:CentralTexasGeocachers%40yahoogroups.com> , "Toni" <tfbrown@>

      > wrote:
      > >
      > > For any of you who have some of my caches on your list to do this month, a
      > hint to the wise would be to take a replacement cache. Most of the ones you
      > may want to pick of mine for the 31 days of August may be the easy peasy
      > ones. As some of you may know, my caches have been disappearing at an
      > alarming rate. If it was just a matter of, "Well, got to replace another
      > one" for me then I wouldn't care; no big deal. However, I feel bad for the
      > geocaching community who is taking the time to solve a puzzle or just find
      > an easy cache for the day and it's not there. For your trouble, feel free to
      > claim an extra smiley if you wish for your troubles.
      > >
      > > TattooBarbie
      > >

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