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  • Jay Bingham
    Aug 7, 2013

      I have to agree with Matthew, asking/allowing just anyone to replace a cache just because they could not find it is a recipe for disaster. Often the result is that you end up with two containers within a few feet of each other. Personally I would include caches that are rated at 1.5 difficulty in the group that should not be just willy-nilly replaced, I have found many that were rated this easy that were more difficult to find than some that were rated more difficult. One alternative to allowing just anyone to replace a cache is to allow people to call you when they are searching for your cache and cannot find it. You could then describe to them exactly where it was hidden and if they then could not find it, it might be acceptable to allow them to replace it for you. Otherwise if you are not able to maintain the caches that you have placed it is best to archive them and let someone else have a go at the location.


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      If a cache is rated 2 difficulty or higher, usually the hide could be well cammoed or hidden better than in plain sight. What if somebody replaces your hide in a different place you had originally hid the cache? What if they can't find it and now they replace with a new container and both containers are there now? It's usually best if the owner replaces the hide or a previous finder who knows the exact location.


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      > For any of you who have some of my caches on your list to do this month, a
      hint to the wise would be to take a replacement cache. Most of the ones you may want to pick of mine for the 31 days of August may be the easy peasy ones. As some of you may know, my caches have been disappearing at an alarming rate. If it was just a matter of, "Well, got to replace another one" for me then I wouldn't care; no big deal. However, I feel bad for the geocaching community who is taking the time to solve a puzzle or just find an easy cache for the day and it's not there. For your trouble, feel free to claim an extra smiley if you wish for your troubles.
      > TattooBarbie

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