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  • Jay Bingham
    Aug 6, 2013

      I read an article in today’s Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah) titled: Rural death: New study shows cities are safer than the country that I found to be interesting in relation to the recent discussion on this mailing list about Geocaching in rural areas.

      The article does not mention Geocaching as being a contributor to rural deaths (whew), but does mention that a significant portion of the difference in rural deaths compared to urban deaths involve highway accidents.

      Any way, I thought that it was an interesting side note to the discussion about rural caching, and hope that some of you enjoy reading it. I also hope that none of us will be contributors to the statistics by caching unsafely in rural areas.

      --| Jay /\ Bing-GTX
      |+| Georgetown , TX USA
      |-- “What you see depends mainly on what you are looking for.”

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