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41692RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Quick note about the Texas 50 State Star series

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  • Jay Bingham
    Aug 4 9:09 PM

      I grew up in a very small town so I think that I understand the mentality of folks in rural areas, many of them live out there because they like the solitude and what it to stay that way. Many feel that city folks just don’t appreciate what they have out there and to some extent they are probably right.

      A little over 15 years ago over in the Crocket National Forest I was involved a similar incident which of course was not related to Geocaching. I was with a group of Boy Scouts and leaders on a hiking trail over there. Along the trail we were hiking there is a section that runs parallel to the border of the forest about 20 feet from the border. There is a house adjacent to the National Forest boundary here, at this house lived a couple of yappy little dogs. As we passed by them the first time we pretty much ignored them because they pretty much stayed on their side of the property line. Unfortunately we had to pass by them again to return to where we parked our vehicles. When we came by the second time the home owner came out and wanted to know what we were doing there and of course his dogs came with him and acted like they would like to nip at us. We told him that we were hiking in the National Forest, however he was not happy that we were hiking near his property and bothering his dogs and invited us not to come back to hike there again. We of course never did, but I am sure that others have. And I had the feeling from what he said that it was not the first time that city folk had intruded into his neighborhood. I felt a little sorry for him because he was probably there before the trail was built and if he wasn’t then he should have known it was there before he bought the property, either way, he was fighting a loosing battle I fear. I thought that it would not have been difficult for the forest service to put the trail a couple of hundred feet away from the property line just to avoid this fellow and his guard dogs, but apparently they did not see it that way.

      I agree with Barb that it is best to avoid placing caches near homes in rural areas; you never know how cantankerous some of those folks may be and why ruffle feathers when you don’t need to.

      Another thing that gets rural folks upset is geocachers parking on the road or not fully off the road or in their driveways when they stop to search for a cache, so when placing a rural cache always be sure that there is a good, safe place to park nearby that is not is somebody’s way. If there is not one then say so in the cache description and find a place where safe parking is available and include that in your cache description along with the coordinates. Then make sure the cache is worth the extra effort needed to get it.


      --| Jay /\ Bing-GTX
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      Country placement is best when no local houses are involved. But maybe that's an 'unspoken rule' not everyone recognizes (this is why there are gaps in runs like, oh, Trey's Shortcut Series).


      But that's just how I view it.


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      Agreed, Barb. I think the best action might be to move the five hides along this stretch of road. (We did find one left.) They are within sight of two homes and I think you're right about the residents getting nervous about random folks. I'd probably be too. There are plenty of barren spots that could be utilized.




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