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41682Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Day one of thirty one

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  • Heather Ford
    Aug 3, 2013
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      This is the best excuse I've had in ages to tell my family that I 'have' to go out and geocache every day!  ;)
      I've managed the first three days, and Lisa's Crowne Palooza #1 is actually my main target on Monday (just across 35 from my office).  My Day One find was even closer to my office: GC395DR, An Intra-galactic Cache.  Day Two had me taking 3 curious muggles with me to the ACC campus for GC2TPBV, Just a Spec of a cache at ACC  (I might have just hooked two of them!), and today it was GC2TG6X, Going Postal in Hutto.  Tomorrow?  Who knows, but I plan to take out at least one of the Young Lords of Chaos out for his first find.  :)
      Good luck to all!
      Heather/Ronin's Gal
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      So, have you found yours yet? You still have 7+ hours left if you haven't!
      I found mine this morning at 290/IH35: Lisa's Crowne Palooza #1 (GC4GH6T)
      What is your first day cache?
      What do you think of the souvenir. I think it's simple but neat! Just like taking a walk in a park!

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