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41414Re: Looking for Caching Adventure Series! :-)

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  • Indigo Parrish
    May 17, 2013
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      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "cacherats1" <cnratcliff@...> wrote:
      > I know I don't post much (ok, ever) and I'm probably considered a lurker, but I do try to keep up with what's going on despite my shyness to post. Many of you have helped us directly to find those hard ones out there and lots of you have personally mentored us! We are so grateful for this group.
      > Last summer my son and I traveled through Middle Earth and defeated Lord Sauron. It took us 2 days on 2 separate Saturdays. We had a total blast. We want to do something like that again this summer, but I don't know of any series like Middle Earth. Do y'all have any suggestions? Although I'm looking for something fairly local anything in East Texas would be nice, too, because I could get a few more counties and we have friends we could stay with. Thanks for any advice!

      Hi Christa --

      If you don't mind traveling, I strongly recommend some summer heat friendly water series if you can get your hands on a kayak or canoe.

      (1) CLAPS series near the Johnson Space Center (NASA) in Clear Lake

      There is a truly fabulous bayou there called Armand Bayou and there are around 50 Terrain 5 caches that are only accessible via kayak or canoe. It currently is being completely refreshed by the primary CO but that is my absolute favorite place to kayak in Texas (so far) hands down. And if you are lucky, you will see alligators. I'm 3 for 3 on gator encounters during my 3 visits there. But if you just mind your business the gators will mind theirs.

      (2) Brazos River caches just below Lake Possum Kingdom

      There's a canoe rental outfit in (I think) Graford, TX called "Rochelle's Canoe" than can put you in just below the dam and you can canoe back to Rochelle's. There are bunch of caches along here and you can do it in a long, sunny summer day if the water level is high enough to support floating, which they try to do during summer weekends.

      (3) Rapunzel on the Brazos River

      There's a similar canoe / kayak option to get the 5/5 cache "Rapunzel" also on the Brazos River farther downstream. This is a shorter segment of waterway and probably more doable for a one-day dedicated trip. And the cache Rapunzel itself is one of my all-time favorites.

      I have to also recommend

      (4) Guadalupe Peak

      If you are a Texan, it is your sacred duty to climb Guadalupe Peak at least once. You'll only get one Virtual smiley for your effort, but it will be one of the most satisfying finds of your life.

      And finally, any dedicated county runs pursuing the Texas County Challenge are amazing adventures in your own right if you do some careful planning beforehand. In the heat of the summer an air-conditioned road trip is quite nice. And there is all kinds of interesting and zany all over Texas so look for the earthcaches and virtuals in the counties, as well as Roadside America for fun places of interest that also likely have caches nearby.

      Good luck and have fun!!

      -Keith (Indigo Parrish)
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