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41411Looking for Caching Adventure Series! :-)

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  • cacherats1
    May 15, 2013
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      I know I don't post much (ok, ever) and I'm probably considered a lurker, but I do try to keep up with what's going on despite my shyness to post. Many of you have helped us directly to find those hard ones out there and lots of you have personally mentored us! We are so grateful for this group.

      Last summer my son and I traveled through Middle Earth and defeated Lord Sauron. It took us 2 days on 2 separate Saturdays. We had a total blast. We want to do something like that again this summer, but I don't know of any series like Middle Earth. Do y'all have any suggestions? Although I'm looking for something fairly local anything in East Texas would be nice, too, because I could get a few more counties and we have friends we could stay with. Thanks for any advice!

      Christa/Mom of the Cacherats!
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