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41292Re: Help with event in June

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  • lizeebie
    Mar 11, 2013
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      If this is the same guy, and I think it might be...I've suggested the food trucks at 4th and Lavaca. I also suggested the original event site of Sholz's, but that is at the far reaches of the distance he gave me.


      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "bigguy9211116" <bigguy9211116@...> wrote:
      > Howdy,
      > I am writing for some help. A geocacher from out of town is coming to Austin to attend a convention in June and is looking for a place to hold an event.
      > I said I would try to help them find a location but I am not very familiar with the area where they will be. I am hoping that someone (or several) who is more "downtown" savvy than I am can help. Here are the perimeters;
      > Time: Monday, June 10 - late afternoon, early evening
      > Place: walking distance from the Austin Hilton
      > Other: needs to serve some kind of food
      > If you know of a good place, please post here.
      > Thanks in advance for your help,
      > Esther
      > aka Bigguy in Texas
      > Howdy again,
      > The above post was written a few days ago but I posted it on what I thought was the main page and it seems I posted it on a string of notes on another subject....no wonder I got so few results. So I post the question again. Here is a list of the places that MCP, egsg, and FiedoGang sent along;
      > Freebirds
      > Habana Restaurant
      > Easy Tiger
      > Moonshine
      > Ironworks
      > Stubbs
      > I think that Habana and Freebirds might be too far south from the Hilton but I will send them along anyway.
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