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  • Brent Kitchens
    Mar 9, 2013
      First and foremost I want to thank Team Dnd Racing for the hard work they have completed for the last two years.  They took the TXGA from a position of which it was barely surviving to one where it is coming back.  They have done some great work on the Texas Challenge and have helped avoid a major pitfall with the TPWD. 
      However, I feel that I could expand on their leadership and take the TXGA to a new high.  My experience in leadership starts at my job.  I have helped in revamping our IT department and merge it with the vast knowledge of IBM.  While doing this my company saved an estimated 2.5 million annually and kept each and every employee.   While in college I founded, with the help of a group of 9 other gentleman,  a fraternity that had grown to as large as 48 members at my alma mater OSU.  We strived on our community outreach with Habitat for Humanity and our brotherhood.
      My geocaching ideas are near endless as it shows with my hides and unique ideas.  I held a huge WWFM at the Sam Houston Statue last June and had near 100 attend.  I created a new monthly lunch event   that seems to never stop growing, with average of over 30 each event.  I recently taught a geocaching class at Jones State Forest and was able to teach 12 new individuals the basics of geocaching.
      If I could sum up what I want to do for the TXGA it would be the following.
      To create a fun and exciting association that not only educates with geocaching, but also has a blast doing it.  To do this I feel communication and better benefits are the keys to success.
      Thank you for your time,
      Brent Kitchens
      Log Dawgs

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      Sent: Friday, March 8, 2013 1:10 PM
      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: TXGA President

      This is the first time I have commented on your platform, which has some great points. I would like to answer your question about what has TXGA done for the last 2 years
      1-Had our annual event become MEGA (I co-chaired)
      2-Had our Annual event stay Mega (I have severed as a mentor & am also co-hosting the Saturday night event)
      3-Took TXGA from a negative balance to a positive balance (with the help of a great board)
      4-Started up a second Fall event (I Chaired last year & am mentoring this)
      5- developed a Kick butt educational dept that has major corporations (city of ft worth, REI, boy scouts state jamboree, TPWD, city of Plano, San Antonio river to name a few) asking us to teach large numbers of people!
      6-revamped website with good spam control
      7-Became the voice for Texas Geocachers with TWPD and have helped in putting together policies to make it more geo friendly.

      Am I totally responsible for all of this: No. Have I lead my team of great board members to help achieve these: Yes. Is there room for improvements: Always!

      Best of Luck & I look forward to meeting you at challenge.

      De Vickery

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "brentmkitchens" <brentmkitchens@...> wrote:
      > I hope you Austin area geocachers do not mind if I post something here campaigning for TXGA President. I know a few of you and have cached in and around Austin a few times. Below is my campaign mission statement. Thanks again and I hope for your support.
      > You may ask yourself who is this Brent Kitchens fellow? A few people have heard of me due to my geocaching name Log Dawgs. I am an avid cacher in SE Texas and help with the Houston Geocaching Society Awards. I have cached all over the state and US. I have been to events in Dallas, The Texas Challenge, and last year the Block Party in Seattle to name a few. I have a working relationship with several key members of Groundspeak and the State Forest System. I am teaching a class for Jones State Forest on Geocaching this coming Thursday. While I have not held an office with the TXGA before, I do have experience in leadership in other organizations. Here are a few of my key points.
      > 1. A State of the Union from the President at least once a year to all members.
      > 2. Monthly communications of what is happening and going on in Texas
      > and beyond.
      > 3. Region geocachers of the month and then State geocachers of the month.
      > 4. Work out with a Geocaching supplier a discount for all TXGA
      > members. AKA Make it TXGA Approved
      > 5. Continue to build a great relationship with the Texas State Parks. (My experience with the State Forest System will help me in this goal.)
      > 6. Work with Groundspeak on new ideas. Such as a Texas specific geocaching tour.
      > 7. Last but not least make geocaching in Texas FUN!
      > I was also asked a question by a geocacher: "Question....I'm trying to decide if I want to renew my membership (I was at the basic $5 level last year). Is there any benefit to joining/renewing beyond getting a pathtag and trackable? I'm not sure $5 was worth the card. And I'm not sure I want to pay $15 for just a pathtag & trackable."
      > My response " That is the reason I want to run. What do you get for you dues? At minimum why not have a monthly email to members with information on each region. No communication other than the website for the last two years. I know what it takes to run an organization with members who pay dues. I have done it and hope to increase awareness to all Cachers in Texas."
      > These are just a few of my key points. There are so many more ideas
      > that we can work together to ensure TXGA builds for the future and
      > embraces the past. If you would please vote for me in the upcoming
      > election I will do my best for Texas Geocachers.
      > Brent Kitchens
      > Log Dawgs

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