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  • teamdndracing
    Mar 8, 2013
      This is the first time I have commented on your platform, which has some great points. I would like to answer your question about what has TXGA done for the last 2 years
      1-Had our annual event become MEGA (I co-chaired)
      2-Had our Annual event stay Mega (I have severed as a mentor & am also co-hosting the Saturday night event)
      3-Took TXGA from a negative balance to a positive balance (with the help of a great board)
      4-Started up a second Fall event (I Chaired last year & am mentoring this)
      5- developed a Kick butt educational dept that has major corporations (city of ft worth, REI, boy scouts state jamboree, TPWD, city of Plano, San Antonio river to name a few) asking us to teach large numbers of people!
      6-revamped website with good spam control
      7-Became the voice for Texas Geocachers with TWPD and have helped in putting together policies to make it more geo friendly.

      Am I totally responsible for all of this: No. Have I lead my team of great board members to help achieve these: Yes. Is there room for improvements: Always!

      Best of Luck & I look forward to meeting you at challenge.

      De Vickery

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "brentmkitchens" <brentmkitchens@...> wrote:
      > I hope you Austin area geocachers do not mind if I post something here campaigning for TXGA President. I know a few of you and have cached in and around Austin a few times. Below is my campaign mission statement. Thanks again and I hope for your support.
      > You may ask yourself who is this Brent Kitchens fellow? A few people have heard of me due to my geocaching name Log Dawgs. I am an avid cacher in SE Texas and help with the Houston Geocaching Society Awards. I have cached all over the state and US. I have been to events in Dallas, The Texas Challenge, and last year the Block Party in Seattle to name a few. I have a working relationship with several key members of Groundspeak and the State Forest System. I am teaching a class for Jones State Forest on Geocaching this coming Thursday. While I have not held an office with the TXGA before, I do have experience in leadership in other organizations. Here are a few of my key points.
      > 1. A State of the Union from the President at least once a year to all members.
      > 2. Monthly communications of what is happening and going on in Texas
      > and beyond.
      > 3. Region geocachers of the month and then State geocachers of the month.
      > 4. Work out with a Geocaching supplier a discount for all TXGA
      > members. AKA Make it TXGA Approved
      > 5. Continue to build a great relationship with the Texas State Parks. (My experience with the State Forest System will help me in this goal.)
      > 6. Work with Groundspeak on new ideas. Such as a Texas specific geocaching tour.
      > 7. Last but not least make geocaching in Texas FUN!
      > I was also asked a question by a geocacher: "Question....I'm trying to decide if I want to renew my membership (I was at the basic $5 level last year). Is there any benefit to joining/renewing beyond getting a pathtag and trackable? I'm not sure $5 was worth the card. And I'm not sure I want to pay $15 for just a pathtag & trackable."
      > My response " That is the reason I want to run. What do you get for you dues? At minimum why not have a monthly email to members with information on each region. No communication other than the website for the last two years. I know what it takes to run an organization with members who pay dues. I have done it and hope to increase awareness to all Cachers in Texas."
      > These are just a few of my key points. There are so many more ideas
      > that we can work together to ensure TXGA builds for the future and
      > embraces the past. If you would please vote for me in the upcoming
      > election I will do my best for Texas Geocachers.
      > Brent Kitchens
      > Log Dawgs
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