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40999Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Almost the most expensive single cache I ever found

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  • J Crozier
    Dec 6, 2012
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      Oh gosh, I thought you were going to say you didn't find it, or you stepped on it and broke it under the leaves or something a LOT more expensive!  You got off EASY!  I know the bottom of the San Marcos River holds more than one GPS and what about the ones people left on the hood of their car until it fell off and got run over.  Then there was the one that got caught in the seat sliding mechanism in their car and had the glass broken.  Those aren't MY personal stories, but I know they all happened.

      In MY case, I was traveling to California on business for a week.  Right at the last minute, I checked to make sure my GPS was packed and lo and behold, it wasn't.  I RACED all around the house searching for it.   Finally, I had to leave for the airport, going GPS-less.  OH NO!

      Did I just not get to geocache?????? NO!  I walked into Fry's to buy a new unit, thinking I'd take it back.  The only choice they had (and I confess I'm a GPS snob) was the new (at the time) 60CSx at FULL PRICE (I'd pretty much rather die than pay full price).  Well, I walked out with a new CSx assuming I'd find my other one and could return this one when I got home.  

      BUT, how was I going to cache without maps?  I had to load a mapset that set me back some dough.  And once I invested in maps, I was pretty much into this little unit that was proving to be a sweet upgrade to my 60CS that was lost.  Can you believe I actually FOUND that GPS in the side pocket of my backseat on the LAST day of my return for a full refund window???????  

      $500 and a mapset later, I had a beautiful new GPS I didn't need but couldn't bear to take back.  THAT was my expensive mistake.

      Mrs. Captain Picard

      Count your blessings and give your GPS a little kiss.

      Mrs. Captain Picard

      On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 8:18 PM, rrohlf_2000 <RRJunk@...> wrote:

      Here's the log I posted after finding EGSG's "Stream" (GC2T7YM).

      Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find the aspirin.


      Oh boy... Where to start?

      I was getting conflicting signals between my GPS and my phone, so I'd put one in my pocket and use the other one for a while. Due to scattered signals, I was searching 25 or 30 feet into the underbrush south of the cache, and about the same distance to either side.

      At one point, I put my Oregon 550 in my pocket and used my phone, with which I eventually found the cache. I signed the log, then reached into my pocket for my Oregon and... it wasn't there. I was looking at an area of about 1250 square feet covered, on average, with several inches of fallen leaves and other decaying vegetation that was almost the same color as my GPS.

      I searched for about an hour when the cache owners came by on their daily constitutional. He asked if I had found the cache and I, barely looking up, said, "Yeah, I found the cache; now I'm looking for my (epithet deleted) GPSR." They came over to help and I introduced myself as I looked at them, only to realize that it was EGSG, whom I have met several times before (my apologies to them for being so distracted that I didn't recognize you right away.)

      They helped me look for another fifteen or twenty minutes until I finally gave up. I went back home, borrowed a neighbor's gas powered leaf blower, and returned to the cache. I used a full tank of gas blowing leaves all over the place with no luck. I walked back to the truck to get the gas can, walked back to the cache area, and started again.

      Getting extremely frustrated after about two hours of this, I decided to keep at it until the gas ran out again. With just a little gas remaining, I finally decided to take one more look at the area near the cache itself. Blowing six to eight inches of leaves takes a while, but I slowly made my way along the area by the path. I passed the cache itself, feeling more and more hopeless as the tank got emptier by the second. About three feet past the cache, as the final layer of leaves got blown away, I thought I saw something. Looking closer, I saw it was the Oregon.

      Then it hit me: did I find the cache and simply put the Oregon down on the ground while I signed the log? I don't think so; I don't think it would be that hard to see from three feet. And EGSG looked over that area too without seeing it, either.

      Whatever the case, I'm just happy to have my Oregon back. I think I'm going to mask off the screen and battery compartment lever and paint the rest of it Hunter's Orange. Maybe attach a bright orange streamer to it while I'm at it...

      Here's hoping such a thing never happens to any of you.

      SL, TFTC.


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