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40971Re: Anybody up for a little CITO Event?

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  • semperquestio
    Nov 30 4:41 PM
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      When I found that cache I was a bit concerned that it was on privately owned property. You may want to check on that before organizing an event to clean it up.

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "origami cacher" <aprennace@...> wrote:
      > Just recently, I got all jazzed again about one of my favorite hobbies -that being Geocaching. In my new enthusiasm, I began with where I left off with some unsolved puzzles and tackled "Hugo the Magnificent" I solved the puzzle and found the cache, but was disgusted by all of the trash that has accumulated there. Anybody out there besides me who would like to give Hugo a Helping Hand? If there is any interest here on the forum, I will post a CITO Saturday event even though I know December is,for most people,a busy time I would like to give a little back to Mother Earth to help celebrate the season. We could always sing Christmas carols while we work...
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