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40687Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Logging Blunders...???

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  • Esther Lopez
    Sep 3, 2012
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      About 2 weeks ago I had to use the PAF option on one of MY OWN CACHES! Yup, they even sent me a picture of where they had found it and I STILL had trouble locating it. I can attest that it was NOT where I had put it! I was so upset and HOT (100 degrees out) that I almost took a smiley for finally finding it!
      Instead I archived the original hide and rehid it in another spot and in a bit different container. I figured why should I be the only one suffering over the cache.
      Now everyone can come back and do it all over again!!!!!!!!
      I know that is not really a logging blunder, but it is one of the MANY reasons that I joined the ISAG (I suck at geocaching!) yahoo group!

      From: Stormie Reed <sandstorm_62@...>
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      Is it a logging blunder when you have to log a find on one of your own hidden caches? Yelp I am guilty, but in my defence I had a couple of out of towners logging they couldn't find it on their cellphone and I was replying and when I realize they were still there and I was only 1 mile away. So met up with them and sure enough the cache was not in it GZ but about 42' from it. Well make a long story short the last cacher thought my gps was way off and moved it to where their gps said it should be.

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