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39856Re: West Texas Reviewer

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  • Indigo Parrish
    Mar 7, 2012
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      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Jay Bingham <binghamjc@...> wrote:
      > I made a suggestion to that effect probably about six months ago. Perhaps it
      > is actually happening, it is hard to tell since the suggestion mechanism has
      > been changed in the mean time.
      > To me it just seems like it is asking a lot to ask one person to administer
      > all of Texas when a state the size of Rhode Island (1,045 square miles of
      > land area) has its own reviewer. Why is one person asked to review all of
      > the caches in Texas (268,820 square miles of land area)? Granted Texas is
      > not as densely populated in many areas as is Rhode Island, but you can put
      > 257.24 Rhode Islands in Texas, heck, can probably find some chunks land in
      > Texas the size of Rhode Island that don't have a cache in them. Even so with
      > only 3 or 4 reviewers for the entire state they are still going to have a
      > lot more work to do to keep up with the caches in their areas than the
      > reviewer in Rhode Island.

      It cracks me up that Texas is 257x as large as Rhode Island.
      With 254 counties in Texas that means that the AVERAGE county
      in Texas is STILL bigger than Rhode Island :)

      West Texas Reviewer must indeed be pretty new --

      I see the Groundspeak Wiki still only lists Prime Reviewer :


      -Keith (Indigo Parrish)
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