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39807Only 1 full day left to submit your geocaching awards nominations!!

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  • Angelika Fuller
    Feb 28, 2012
    Thank you to those who have sent in their nominations over the past
    couple of days! The rest of you only have about 1.5 days left to
    nominate those special 2011 caches! I personally cannot wait to see
    all of your nominations so I can look for those noteworthy hides
    myself. :)

    You can find the nomination form here: http://tinyurl.com/aga2011
    Feel free to nominate more than one cache in each category, however
    nominating a cache for each category is not required.
    Nominations will be open from now until February 29th. You can
    nominate caches whenever you want throughout the voting period.

    Caches, events, and logs/photos must have been placed, occurred or
    posted in 2011. Nominees must fall within 50 miles of the State
    Capitol (use GC142B as a reference). Except for events, all nominated
    caches must be active and remain so throughout the nominating and
    voting periods. (Logs and photos do not have that restriction).
    *Premium members are strongly encouraged to 'Favorite' the caches they nominate*

    You can also check out previous winners here:

    Submit your nominations already! You know you want to ;)