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39175Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Creating a cache series

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  • Esther Lopez
    Jan 2, 2012
      I cache with an Explorist GC from Magellan. 
      It has a great tool for placing caches. It lets me
      name, add the D-T levels, and then saves the cords in the field.
      Then when I get home and connect to the Internet, I can go directly to GC.com and it will remember each individual
      Cache stats so I don't have to. All I have to do is write the description
      and if I am doing more than one alike, I cut and paste that part. 
      Pretty nifty from that aspect
      Thanked for all the new caches!
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      On Jan 2, 2012, at 4:55 PM, "Dave Read" <dave@...> wrote:


      Happy New Year, Y’all!


      I’m in the final stages of creating a large cache series in SW Austin, and have run across a few parts of the process that have driven me nuts. I was wondering if anyone knew better ways to do this!


      Mostly what has given me trouble is creating the caches on geocaching.com. The cache submission page is really a disaster if you’re doing more than just a cache or two. Aside from having to re-enter every field separately, having to enter the coords as four separate entries (DD and MM.mmm as separate fields for both North and West) is really a PITA.


      As I placed my caches, I recorded the coords and notes into an Excel spreadsheet, so I can easily massage them into any desired format…but cutting & pasting four different fields from spreadsheet to web page is only marginally better than re-typing them.


      <rant> C’mon, Groundspeak: this setup basically forces people into manually typing the most critical pieces of data concerning the cache, when it would be vastly faster, easier, and more accurate to support pasting in a single field just like the ones displayed on the site i.e. “N DD MM.mmm W DDD MM.mmm”  By forcing folks to type in the data, you raise the likelihood that people will fat-finger the coordinates, resulting in unhappy cachers who can’t find the danged thing. I know it’s possible to parse a single field (lots of sites do this already, e.g. geocheck.org), so why don’t you?</rant>


      OK, off the soapbox: does anyone know of a way to submit a bunch of caches as a bulk upload kind of function? It’s too late for me this time, but I’m looking to the future.


      On a separate note, I discovered a web tool called Batchgeo (www.batchgeo.com) that I used to create a Google Map of my caches from the spreadsheet as I placed them. This was immensely helpful for visualizing the series & helping me find decent places for the caches in the series.


      I am hoping to submit the entire series for publication today. My initial plan was to get it all done for a Christmas Day publication, but, well, that didn’t work out. Then the “New Year’s Day” plan came up short too. At least today I have reasonable confidence that I will finish it…




      “Team Landshark”


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