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37Re: When is the next local get together?

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  • chl0807
    Apr 17, 2002

      I'm glad I found this group. I was hoping there would be an online
      forum for Austin and central Texas cachers. Seeing it took me almost
      eight months to find this I think we might do a better job of letting
      other folks around town know about this resource, such as adding it
      to the description of the next event cache or other new caches in the

      On the topic of event caches, I would be happy to setup a simple get
      together soon, along the lines of the Gingerman Happy Hour last year.
      Are people interested in meeting for some beers and food at a local
      establishment, even if there is not any caching involved? (My
      schedule right now will not really allow me to setup any thing
      elaborate.) If someone would like they could volunteer to talk about
      or lead a discussion on a particular related topic.

      What days of the week work best for everybody? The Gingerman was on a
      Friday. Is this a good day? If so I would propose May 3rd (too soon?)
      or May 11th.

      Glad to meet y'all, Christian (chloew)

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@y..., "tlane3of6" <tlane@e...> wrote:
      > Hunter,
      > We've been waiting for someone to 'step up to the plate'.
      > to the just replaced "Three Strikes, You're Out" intended)
      > Moosiegirl just asked for some advice in the groundspeak forums
      > also. We've had about 5 or 6 events in the last year that I know
      > of. The host of the events has been varied and they've been
      > two months apart.
      > The last one was more formal then the past as we had a guest from
      > Austin parks and recreation department meet with us. He provided
      > that listed all of the city parks. He also explained that we are
      > restricted from placing caches in the parks that are
      > labeled 'Preserves'. This is strictly enforced for the Balcones
      > Canyonland Preserves which have federal oversight as endangered
      > species habitat.
      > The turn-out has usually been at least 20 people. We've had
      > from San Antonio and Fort Worth in the past. Other places for
      > in Austin have been; Central Market park, back patio of Gingerman,
      > park off Duval near 'Once upon a cache', someone's house, and the
      > last was at REI.
      > Let me know if you want any more details.
      > Thanks, Tom
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