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36966Re: Travis Parker's unit hit by IED in Afghanistan

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  • rrohlf_2000
    Jun 5, 2011
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      I'm very sorry to hear that Travis was injured while serving, but I'm even more relieved that we're hearing it from him.

      Sending him my very best wishes; we will be keeping him in our prayers.

      Get home soon and safely, Daffy.

      Until we get a chance to see you in person upon your return, heal well and swiftly.

      All the best,


      > This info posted by Travis (Daffy71) on his Facebook page:
      > So here it is. I was in an IED strike today. My crewis doing OK. My gunner
      > has some bruised ribs. My Driver has a broken ankle and boken foot on the
      > other side. Me, shattered heel on my right foot and compression fracture in
      > my lower back. My flight to germany is today sometime and then back to the
      > states eventually. Thank You for everyone's prayers and well wishes. See
      > you all in a few days.
      > Everybody say prayers!
      > Candy
      > moosiegirl
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