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  • Russ Jernigan
    Jun 3 2:02 PM
      BTW, I believe that Mt. Bonnell has been rewritten not to long ago.  The owner asked Barb aka Tygress (and myself, since we kind of come as a package deal) for help doing the re-write.  I think it is a bit more informative now.


      Russ aka Waterweasel

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      From: Jay Bingham
      Sent: Jun 3, 2011 3:29 PM
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      Subject: RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Landmarks: #200, Ape Cache & Groundspeak HQ


      The first cache that I claimed a find on is an earth cache that I did with my son in Norway , so I am a little partial to earthcaches (23 of 499 are earthcaches). I enjoy learning about the geology of a site, so I have to agree with you that Mt. Bonnell is a little lame. That said, I will have to say that if you have never been to the site it is worth doing just for the fine view, and the fact that there is a virtual and a regular cache nearby, so you can claim 3 smiles in one stop.

      Mt. Bonnell is not the only earthcache in the area, here are three of my favorites (not in any particular order):

                  CTU - GIVE THAT GLEN A ROSE! (GC1R2D8)

                  CTU - EDWARDS OVERHANG (GC26DJ4)

                  Track Meet? (GC1RZM5)

      You can get a list of 35 earthcaches within 75 miles of the state capitol (GC142B).

      +-+ Jay - BingOGT
      |+| Georgetown , TX USA
      +-+ “What you see depends mainly on what you are looking for.”


      From: CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com [mailto:CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of dn_shults
      Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 12:54 AM
      To: CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Landmarks: #200, Ape Cache & Groundspeak HQ

      We always feel like we just don't know enough about geology.
      We totally could have done the Snoqualmie Falls one, but the trail was closed to tone necessary. We decided to DNF it rather than use a loophole like some others did. I think they're finds are perfectly valid, but taking a picture next to the picture of something seemed like a lame way to get our first Earthcache (would have been #200 too)

      We've either had bad luck with others, or ( Mt. Bonnell ) just felt completely stupid when we read it. There is one near our place that seems doable, and the enchanted rock one seems fun, so I'm sure we'll get around to it soon.

      Donald & Niki

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