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36934Landmarks: #200, Ape Cache & Groundspeak HQ

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  • dn_shults
    Jun 2, 2011
      Hi All!
      We just wanted to brag a little about the success we had on our recent vacation to Seattle. The trip wasn't a geocaching specific one, but we did manage to get a lot of caching done including going to the HQ (which was more awesome than we'd assumed it would be) and getting our 200th cache... the Mission 9 Ape cache.

      We also managed to find the pesky Gum Wall cache only (took us two tries!) and we got to visit Snoqualmie Falls (which as Twin Peaks fans meant a little more than should be possible)

      Everyone involved in the trip had a good time and we managed to not annoy the non-cachers in the group by only choosing caches near interesting stuff.

      Anyway, we wanted to brag a little, but we have noone to brag TO, so we camee here! :)

      Our new short term goals are: Attend our first event, actually succeed in an Earthcache, get a 5/5 and get an FTF at some point.
      New long term goal: Original Stash plaque for #500

      Donald & Niki
      (AKA D+N.S)
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