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  • Greg Jewett
    Jun 1, 2011
      On the topic of milestones and progress..

      Team GeoJewett (Evan, Eron, myself and my wife) just passed 200 finds.   I find a good portion of them, but both my boys are equipped with "eagle eyes" and easily spot many caches before I ask "Do we need to read the hint?"  when they go out hunting with me.   There favorites are the medium and larges ones, because they like to trade stuff.

      Thanks again to a great community and contributions to this great sport -- we are having a blast! :)

      Greg Jewett
      Geocaching Handle:  GeoJewett
      (512) 308-6214       greg (at) ejewett.com
      Don't print this e-mail unless it's necessary. Save a tree

      On May 31, 2011, at 14:14 , Jenn wrote:

      My family and I just started this crazy hobby 2 months ago and we just found our 100th cache  yesterday.

      Thanks to Doc Geo's class through Texas Parks and Wildlife I brought home something fun that the whole family loves.  We've seen cool things, met nice people and I'm looking forward to finding the next 100.  

      My three year old just asked me if we were going treasure hunting when her dad gets off work...  You won't have to ask him twice.

      Los Komodos

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