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36568RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] a PSA (Public Service Announcement)

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  • Jay Bingham
    Apr 30, 2011

      Thanks for the reminder.

      Also, when the rains do return, remember that pulling of the road onto wet grass to park or just to turn around can get you stuck. So think before you pull off the road.

      +-+ Jay - BingOGT
      |+| Georgetown , TX USA
      +-+ “What you see depends mainly on what you are looking for.”


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      Great point, I have a lowered car and always think of this since I don't want to loose my car! It is a real threat especially right now, so think before you park! 

      Shawn Olsen/ s6sputnik




      On Apr 30, 2011, at 6:01 AM, Nancy Lee <nanblocker@...> wrote:


      I've never thought of that.  Thank you.



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      I had a realization while roadside caching that we should be very mindful of. 

      If you are pulling off to the side of the road please be careful of stopping where the grass is perhaps taller than a foot or so.  Your catalytic converter or other very hot engine parts are very capable of igniting fires with the grasses that would be tall enough to come into contact with those engine parts. I'm sure we have all seen the devastation all the wildfires have created with the extremely dry conditions throughout Texas .  So I thought I would share this brief word of caution while you pull off the road to hunt. "Remember, Only You Can Prevent Fires!!" -Smoky Bear

      Happy Caching!

      Bill / ZionZR2

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