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36308Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Texas Challenge Rule Changes

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  • Kevin (KoosKoos)
    Apr 5, 2011
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      I'd suggest something as a hybrid to what Barb mentioned.  Let TXGA handle the overall contracts, etc., but give the local regions the ability to help gather bids from local sources.  I agree that it's beneficial to spend local dollars in the host region and the locals may have more creative sources to get things done. 

      However, I know I'd feel more comfortable with a state organization handling the risk of dollars coming and going.  TXGA would also be a better source of "institutional knowledge" of what happened in previous years as a planning gauge.  It would also be helpful to have a central source for registration, store front/ordering, etc.  Why should a region be tasked with all of that setup every year?

      What is the intent of TXGA when it comes to planning the event itself?  CenTex has been the more creative region as far as pushing the game (thanks mostly to Julie) and I'd hate to see future improvements stifled by the state organization taking over.  While the '09 change away from regions didn't stick, we were the ones that moved to using punches for scoring.  That move was over the outcry of several vocal people who didn't like the fact that a region could change the game from what it had been.

      Is the plan for TXGA to set an outline of basic format, but regions can decide from there or is TXGA going to run it all?  or would TXGA just take over the administrative functions?

      As far as scoring changes, I don't know how best to handle that.  If you throw out a percentage of cards, does that discourage people from trying hard?  Does a region try to limit the their team to just "hard core" cachers so they have fewer cards, but higher scoring ones?  If my card doesn't make the cut-off, how did I help my region by running around through the woods for 4 hours?


      On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 7:35 AM, Barbara <bjdukette@...> wrote:

      Nice ideas!

      Barbara ;)

      On Apr 5, 2011, at 6:23 AM, Bill Ellis <sille777@...> wrote:


      If you will permit a newbie with no challenge experience as of yet chime in with an idea.  As I have been reading over all these posts. I have an idea that may work.  So that the caches can still be logged durring a challenge. 

      If the main geocaching website and Groundspeak could give a special icon for Temporary/Challenge caches then presumably that would still allow for those who participate to get not only smileys for the caches they find, but also allow for the .10 mile rule to be laxed since these caches are temporary and part if a special type of event.  It would also have a public/lasting record of how that individual did durring the event. It may cause newer cachers that browses the website to ask about how to get the special icon smileys added to their totals thereby creating more interest in attending events.

      Well It was just a thought I wanted to share.


      Bill / ZionZR2

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