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36247RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Posting caches over time

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  • Jay Bingham
    Mar 31, 2011
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      I have not done it myself but I know someone who has. J And I am surprised that she has not chimed in on this yet. The guidelines for creating caches cover this topic and recommend that if you want them published on a specific date, then you should allow extra time (greater than the standard three days) to accommodate the reviewer. Although the guidelines do not specifically mention it I know from the experience of Bigguy_in_TX that you can even ask for a specific time on a specific day to have a cache published and if you allow enough time the reviewer will accommodate you.


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      From what I hear, as long as you let the reviewer know before you post your hides you should be ok. But I don't speak from experience as I have only hid three caches to date. Would be interesting to find out for sure.

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      > I just had 4 caches publish tonight but I think I was a little misinformed
      on how to space them out properly. I disabled a couple of them so they would not be reviewed until later. Today came , and I enabled the other 2 this morning. (Figured that the 3 day rule starts over when i enable it to be posted)
      > It was my evil idea to make people come back out to
      w:st="on">Dana Peak for more later this week but then my plan was foiled by those pesky publishers!
      > How should I alleviate that next time? Will a simple note to the publisher
      do that?
      > John
      > IPA

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