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35976MEGA Texas Challenge

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  • al_allen327
    Mar 1, 2011
      We've *got* to be close to having MEGA attendance numbers at the Texas Challenge this year... Dreamweaver confirmed we were likely going to get close. On one hand I don't want our statewide event going MEGA because we have few affordable venues that can accommodate such a crowd, but on the other its been a cornerstone of Texas caching for so many years for so many people! I kinda feel like it deserves the recognition!

      So since we're close: if you are on the fence about going to the Texas Challenge this year, follow the lead of at least 450 other folks and come on out! It costs nothing but your time and lodging (even that can be inexpensive if you post up for assistance with a campsite) to attend and NO you don't have to compete.

      I still recall the very first year I attended and how stunned I was to find so many people as excited about geocaching as I was (still am). I was stunned to learn how there are so many different facets of the game there are as well -- everyone has a different point of view. Through the years I've made so many friends across this state that makes caching away from home so much more fun!

      Come to the Tecas Challenge! It will be very near impossible to disappoint you!!!

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