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  • John Grubbs
    Oct 3, 2010
      I have one puzzle cache. My brother is a puzzle cache fiend (making and finding). We two have had this conversation before, but we both agree that we are just happy when someone-anyone- visits our caches. Otherwise, the container might sit there with no one to come enjoy the work we put in.  Puzzle cache fiends just are vastly outnumbered by the rest of us schlubs. 

      I usually only do puzzle caches when I am with my bro. I do try to solve the puzzle myself before I log it. Sometimes I need help (from him) and sometimes I just need him to tell me how to flat out solve the dang thing. Sometimes I find the cache with him and then just log it. To me this is in line with anytime you cache with someone else. Usually one guy finds the cache and then everyone in the party signs off. 

      But if these "finders" bug you, then you have every right to archive the caches.

      My two cents....

      Anne (totavi)